A’s This Week: 29th March

Here’s the A’s schedule for the coming week. We have our final Spring Training game today against the Giants before the team heads to Oakland for the start of the regular season.

We get going with a four-game series at the Coliseum against the Astros. The first two games are night-games, so begin in the early hours of the following morning here in the UK; however, the Easter weekend means most of us don’t have to worry about work commitments getting in the way of staying/getting up for them.

The Opener is going to be broadcast on UK TV on the BT Sport/ESPN channel and will be repeated at the more convenient time of 12:15 on Friday if that is easier to plan around.

The games on Saturday and Sunday are at the much-more hospitable time of 9.07pm.

MLB.com are a pain when it comes to publishing which games are going to be chosen for their usual MLB.TV Free Game of the Day too far in advance, so we’ll update you via Twitter if any of the A’s games are selected.

Otherwise, you’ll need an MLB.TV subscription to watch the games. Trust us: it’s well worth the money if you want to follow the A’s (or the season in general) so that you can ensure you never miss a game either live or on-demand.

We’re not subject to any of the blackouts they have to suffer in the States, so all games are available (potentially subject to Facebook/YouTube having a deal to show a game or two per week internationally).

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