A’s roster moves (as of 9.15pm UK time!)

A’s pitching staff, as of 9.15pm UK time on 29 July 2019

The last two times I’ve made a video it’s been put out of date within a few hours by breaking news; firstly with the A’s signing Jake Diekman and then yesterday when I spoke about Marcus Stroman on the Periscope livestream.

The latter involved me saying he was likely going to the Yankees, rather than the A’s, I should add. I got the city right, at least.

Let’s see if I can tempt fate for the third time then!

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It’s not always what you spend, but how you spend it

In last week’s Sunday review video I took a look at the A’s off-season dealings, not only the players we brought in but those we allowed to leave as free agents.

The news yesterday that the LA Angels had designated Matt Harvey for assignment gave me another reason to consider the great job the A’s Front Office have done once again in spite of the greater spending power our rivals have over us.

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14 July Sunday Review

In this week’s Sunday Review we take a look back at the first-half of the season, with some numbers to guide the way.

We also look ahead to Sunday’s series finale against the Chicago White Sox, where the A’s will go for the series sweep.

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